Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Martyst Exchange Program

Hello World,

If you have ever wanted to purchase the work of an emerging artist, but felt that the investment was too steep for your budget, read further.

Given my current desire to explore the world and its inhabitants, I want to propose an exchange. If you have a vacant bedroom, a spare sofa, or an unfurnished space, I would like to trade a 'commissioned' work in exchange for a 7-30 day stay in your living quarters.

If you live within walking distance of a grocery store or metro, and feel comfortable allowing an emerging artist to function as a temporary housemate while completing a work for which you would have chosen the palette, please contact me with your name, city/state, and dates of availability.

I endeavor to travel for the next 12 months (minimum) investigating the world with broader vision. I plan to document my travels and progress by photographing my process. Most importantly, I want to add an image of each completed (and exchanged) work. This will be my gift to those who will have housed and supported me during this process. It will also serve as aiding the development of my maturing portfolio.

I will purchase all art supplies, foodstuffs, and living necessities. Also, I will transport myself to and from your living quarters at my own expense. All I ask is that you provide a place for me to create, prepare food, and rest.

I welcome invitations from anywhere in the world.

Thank you in advance for considering The Martyst Exchange.

The Martyst,


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